What’s In it for You? The ‘Why’ Behind Picture Day.

The most commonly asked question from hosting a free event.

We’re not a photography company.

We build web and mobile apps for entreprenuers and businesses seeking to leave a mark on the world. So, why would we throw an event that provides people with professional headshots?

It’s about alignment and empathy.


Our most obvious reason for launching the event is the connection to startups and entreprenuers. Building great products involves meeting more startups and entreprenuers who need help launching their products.

For the entrepreneur, a quality headshot helps them increase credibility with prospects and investors. We identified the problem with our own clients and quickly realized the issue was widespread.

Startup Picture Day allows us to meet prospective clients and begin a relationship by providing value first, with no strings attached.

Cold calling isn’t our style.


As a business matures, it’s easy to forget the fear, excitement, and professional growth of launching something new. Will people show up? What needs to be considered? How do we simply and effectively communicate our message? How does this scale?

In a rapidly changing world, experience is the best teacher. So instead of speculating or resting on our laurels, we’ve decided to ‘drink our own cool-aid’ and actually do the work we expect from our clients.

Instead of coaching from the sidelines, we’ve jumping into the arena. We’ve take hits and stumbled along the way but it expands our ability to empathize with our clients.

The event continues to grow and evolve. Planning for #4, we’re able to leverage our learnings to make the next one even better.

We hope you’ll consider joining us.

Originally posted on Medium.

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