Where do you find the time?

I’ve been writing daily for a few months now. It helps me organize my thoughts and communicate more effectively. It does however, take time. The act of doing it daily means consistent, focused effort.

Where does the time come from?

Operating and sustaining growth at Polar Notion, leading tech strategy and software development at New Story, raising a daughter, loving a wife, and developing myself personally and professionally… days are far from simple. Add into the mix the desire to consistently write along the way and the water quickly begins to boil.

But where does the time come from?

It’s always been there, but lurks in spare and mismanaged moments. I ruthless seek to do more with less. Based on the belief that we make time for things that we truly want, I am attentive to removing items that are non essential and pursuing things that ignite my passion.

One of the habits that has freed up a surprising amount of time: removing excessive time spent on social media.

I reply to comments and messages (let’s not be rude), but as of January of 2017, the apps are off my devices and I’ve replaced the spare moments throughout the day with writing.

It’s been difficult and still remains a battle, but the time saved is tremendous. I’ve managed to ship a post each business day for two month while drafting over 80 others that continue to grow and will be shared over time.

It’s not the most masterful, but it’s shifting the lens through which I see the world. Ideas begin to organize themselves more naturally and my mental clarity continues to increase.

It serves as a balance to continual consumption.

Originally posted on Medium.

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