Write Now – WordPress Theme

When I first began writing, Medium was a perfect fit. A well designed, distraction-free interface proved useful while developing the discipline of writing was my focus. I didn’t waste time nitpicking something custom. Within the first year, I posted hundreds of articles and drafted hundreds more.

Unfortunately, the limited interface became a barrier. Without a way to search drafts, there wasn’t a simple path of identify recurring trends in my writing or expound upon unpublished content. My drafts continued to compound without an easy way of reducing the load. I also noticed my dependence on past writing began to increase. Sharing links with clients, students, and peers I felt the tension of becoming so dependent on someone else’s platform.

The advantages I enjoyed while dipping my toe into writing had become an impediment to continuing the habit. So, after much deliberation, it became clear that it was time to move off Medium. The result… Write Now, a WordPress theme designed with a clean interface for readers and the power of the WordPress backend for writers. It’s not done by any means, but it’s a start to something.

It’s not intended to be something innovative or ‘amazing’, rather something simple.

A simple way for writers to write and readers to read. I’ve removed sidebars and traditional footers. The top navigation won’t show more than 4 options. There is no room for advertisements. Simple and focused on the craft of writing.

If this appeals to you, send me an email requesting access: [email protected]


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