A more productive and engaged version of you. While exchanging emails with Adam Walker, a fellow Atlanta entrepreneur and friend, I noticed a message on the footer of his emails. Adam’s message circa 2017: Having batched email communication for years, this seemed like a thoughtful solution to the fervent-mailers who expect a reply within hours […]

In 2017, I joined Entrepreneurs Organization. For the first time in business, I felt surrounded by people like me. Founders who were hungry for growth, seeking an edge, and constantly pushing to improve themselves and their organizations. The ideas, inspiration, experience shares, and ways to refine my business were endless. I was a sponge. I […]

Anyone who has built an app knows it’s a tough process. The most popular apps are easy to use, but creating them involves hard work and consistent iteration. Building a business that provides app creation as a service… even harder. When we started Polar Notion in 2012, I didn’t have a clue. A proven path […]

Code schools are the tech industry’s greatest hope of closing the labor gap and increasing diversity (gender, racial, and cognitive) within the workforce. The graduates of code schools have actionable skills. In most cases, they acquired them at a lower cost and in less time than their more traditional counterparts. Yeah, it’s still a little […]

In October 2019, EducationSuperHighway reached mission complete! They were founded in 2012 (the same year I founded Polar Notion) and they set out to provide high speed internet access to 99% of public schools in the United States. After seven years in business, they were done. Because of their involvement, connectivity in schools spread from […]

Debating committing to a bootcamp or Code School? Is it worth it? Does it work? Morgan jumps into the benefits of Code School in this episode. Transcript: The idea of code school comes with all kinds of preconceived notions and expectations. During this episode, we are going to talk about some of the most valuable […]

When it comes to launching a project or idea, we are the largest barrier. Countless ideas, projects, proposals, articles, and tools never see the light of day because we strangle them to death with revisions, improvements, and a list of other things that don’t matter.. Instead of continually pushing forward, we get lost in the […]

Today, we are going to talk about learning. What does it take to learn well? To learn quickly? As we think about entering into technology, learning computer programming, how do we learn best? Transcript: Welcome to Effectively Human, where we discuss how to close a knowledge gap between technology and the people who use it. […]

LinkedIn is the name of the game when it comes to getting noticed and getting hired, and in this weeks Podcast episode, we tell you exactly how to get the most out of it. If you’re looking for your first job in tech, your profile and LinkedIn interactions are an effective tool at taking the […]

My career as a software engineer began with a single phrase, “Hey, I’d like to show you something”. The phrase was uttered by, at the time, a mere acquaintance who was looking over my shoulder at the rudimentary websites I was building. Excited about the opportunity to improve my skills, I eagerly accepted his invitation to […]

In Episode 7 we talked about different ways to make money as a Software Developer. In Episode 12 we are digging deeper into things to consider when taking on the path of a freelancer, and how you can use it to kickstart your career. Transcript: [00:00:00] Early on in the career of a software engineer, […]

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