A more productive and engaged version of you. While exchanging emails with Adam Walker, a fellow Atlanta entrepreneur and friend, I noticed a message on the footer of his emails. Adam’s message circa 2017: Having batched email communication for years, this seemed like a thoughtful solution to the fervent-mailers who expect a reply within hours […]

These resources are part of a 1-hour presentation to help software engineers and developers improve their portfolios. Checkout our meetup to catch this topic and more. Claim Your Profiles Popular Online Profiles in Technology Linkedin Github Twitter Medium Product Hunt AngelList Stackoverflow Facebook Instagram Keep Things Consistent Name Bio Photo Username Tool for finding a […]

The phrase Minimum Viable Product (MVP) gets thrown around a lot in technology. Everyone seems to have a different definition of ‘minimum’, ‘viable’, and ‘product’ which leads to confusion and misaligned expectations. I’ve seen founders spend hundreds on their MVP and others spend hundreds of thousands. Some spend days, others spend months. Before building an […]

Human behavior can be summarized in one word: incentives. Properly incentivized, we’ve watched people eat strange insects, race around the world on scavenger hunts, and starve themselves alone in the woods. Incentives drive people’s behavior. Employers are people too. Despite interviews, questionnaires, references, and assessments,  employers are just trying to understand three things. Regardless of […]

For the better part of the last seven months, myself and colleague Tim Whitacre have written, researched, analyzed, and pieced together the guide book we always needed. As both self-taught engineers, we know how unmarked the path to success truly is. And we want to change that. Meet The “Code School” Book. “Code School: Overcome […]

On the brink of a new year, many of us run the risk of dedicating ourselves to several goals that may or may not sputter out by mid march. But if you’ve taken on the task of learning to code, be it by Code School, bootcamp, or in your own free time you’ll soon come […]

One winter, I traveled to Colorado for a snowboarding trip. Feet of fresh now had fallen in a matter of days and the weather forecast looked beautiful. We met up with friends who lived minutes from the ski slopes and planned a few days on the mountains.  I learned a few important life lessons on […]

I started running cross country my first year of high school. It began as an attempt to stay in good physical shape for baseball season. The thinking was simple. Run all summer and fall to play baseball in the spring. By baseball tryouts, I was running circles around the other players. But that didn’t mean […]

In comedy, the longer you make an audience wait for a laugh, the bigger the laugh should be. Deliver small laughs in rapid succession or big laughs intermittently. Few, great comedians can do both but it’s a short career for comedians who do neither. The wait must be worth it. Founding a business is similar. The two […]

Customers only care what is in it for them. They want to be the hero of their own story, not the supporting actor in your story. They resonate with us when they understand how we help them accomplish their desires. Them, there, they… not me. Not you. What is in it for them? Consider this […]

“Oh no! I have too much money.” – Nobody We are going to talk about selling. Most of my career was been spent selling software services. Building a business that creates technology for the ideas of others. In this model, network building was the only strategy that ever worked for me. It was high touch, imprecise, time consuming, […]

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