Retired on Rails

Two years ago this month, I was a team member working with a small group of friends to deploy my first web application. The previous 5 months consisted of late nights, early mornings, impromptu meet-ups, and countless hours of personal time, where I plunged headfirst into learning Ruby on Rails with the help of a generous friend and masterful programmer, Jason Ardell, his wife and power-planner, Shane Ardell, and Ryan Bates via RailsCasts.

The part that I found most interesting was that this month, October 2014, marks both the retirement of that same project and the launch of its replacement, for which I was the Lead Developer.

To top it off, the final transition to the new system occurred on the same day, October 1st, the original launched, AND I just happened to be out to dinner with the members of that team from two years prior. Enjoying a calm, carefree dinner was such a wild juxtaposition when paired with the fatigue and anticipation we shared years earlier.

As October comes to a close, I’m left reflecting on the progress that’s been made, but more importantly the impact that friends can have when they give of themselves.



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Hello World!


I have been kicking around the idea for a while about establishing a personal outlet to share thoughts, ideas, successes, and failures specifically pertaining to owning a business, being a Rails developer, and managing a work-life balance.

While I can’t promise everything will be useful or without typos, I’m hoping that it will become more valuable (and less error ridden) as time progresses.

Not a developer? I’ll try to maintain some order using the links at the top of the site.

Also, props to the Jared Erickson for showing some open-source-love and crafting a slick theme I can use for my 1.0

photo by Austin Ban via Unsplash