Quitting is for Winners

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As humans, we’re really good at saying ‘yes’ to things but what if we became more proficient at quitting things?

Image, for a moment, you chose one thing each week… to quit.

How many weeks would it take you to arrive at the cream-of-the-crop of life’s choices?

How much faster would our goals be accomplished?

How much more focused would we be?


I play two games on my iPhone, each as mindless and wasteful as their counterpart.

What if I quit one of them this week?

How else might that time be used?

What positive change might result?

We’ll see.



Each week I make an intentional effort for at least 1 day to disconnect. No computers. No emails. Sunday is usually that day. This time allows me to be fully present with family without the distractions or expectations of accomplishing work related tasks or communication.

This week is a little different. This week, I committed to a 7 day challenge hosted by Winnie Kao, Special Projects lead for Seth Godin, to ship content each day for 7 days. (You can click here to view my 7 day journey.)

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Find A Reason

Find a ReasonThere is always a reason to complain. When we search for it, we find it.

There is always a reason to celebrate. When we search for it, we find it.

The more time we spend searching for one, the less time we send search for the other.

It’s a choice. Our choice.

Rev Your Wild Side


For Day 5 of Winnie’s #YourTurnChallenge, to post fresh content for 7 straight days, I’ve decided to share about a unique concept that’s gaining traction around Atlanta, GA. Warning: Motorcycle puns are present.

The highways and byways of Atlanta, GA are growling with excitement as a community of moto-curious and moto-crazed are being connected. The team that is championing this renaissance of road rumblers is known as Brother Moto.

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Push. Purge. Polish.

Ship Wrecked


My computer crashed this week.

A 2 1/2 year old Mac Pro. Unanticipated, instant video card death in the middle of the work day. I was stranded.

It was on Day 1 of a challenge from Winnie Kao, the Special Projects Lead for Seth Godin, to ship fresh content every day for seven days. This challenge and 99% of my job as a developer require regular access to a computer.

While the wound is still fresh, though my (new) computer is now online, I thought it would be helpful to share a practice that helped soften the hit and made a huge difference getting me running again.

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Your Time is Gold

#MyTurn :: Why I Took the Challenge

What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?