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Clarity Through Articulation


There is a refining process that takes place when we put words to our thoughts and ideas. Whether spoken or written, stringing these words into formed sentences allows our minds to organize our stream of consciousness into something that makes sense and can be understood by others.

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Relationships Aren’t Easy

Redhanded Thieves


The year was 2001, at least 12 months before the launch of Redbox. I was staring at the aisles and aisles of DVDs and CDs at Walmart when it occurred to me, “why don’t they just have vending machines for this stuff.”

A part of me died inside months later when a glowing red box appeared in front of the Walgreens near my house. For years I claimed to “have thought of Redbox, first”.

The harsh truth: NO ONE CARES.

Just having the thought means absolutely NOTHING. The victory belongs to the one who actually does something about it.

It is not merely enough to have a great idea, you’ve got to go create something.

Build it. Put your name on the line. Stake your claim.

Otherwise, you’ll be another face in the crowd while someone else gets paid.

Good luck!

*This actually touches on an interesting theory in invention, simultaneous discovery or multiple discovery. Google it.

Happy Monday – Especially if You’re Jewish

Reasons Startups Fail


Above are believed to be the top 10 ten reasons startups fail.

While it’s great to know why you might fail, I decided that converting the list into a series of “tasks” might be less morbid and more productive approach to making sure my company, or those owned by my friends, don’t join the list.

If you’re planning to launch something new in 2015, this might be a great checklist before you begin or if you’ve been around for a while, a way to audit the work you’ve already done.

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Finding Actual Image Size (Jquery)

I recently came across a proportions problem in which I needed to determine how much smaller an image was displaying than it’s actual size.

Well, after a lot of searching, here is what you’re looking for when you want to reference the actual size or an image, not just the size it’s displaying.

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Lifelong Language Learner


As the lead developer on our team, it’s my goal to determine the best way to solve a problem and use the appropriate tools for the job.

In many cases, this means researching and learning something new. As a developer, that often translates to tackling a new programming language.

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Sharing Should Be Simple | Takeaway

As I was writing about a recent experience viewing a photo that was shared with me, a lot of do’s and dont’s came to mind based on that interaction. Instead of cramming everything into one post, I thought it would be fitting to break things up a bit. Feel free to read the previous post to catch up, but here are some do’s and don’ts about facilitating an environment for sharing to take place.

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