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Keeping up with the pace of AI is exhausting. Follow along with simple, actionable videos showing the industries latest tools and tips. A wave is coming, so let's learn to surf.

App Development & Technology Consulting

Solve problems, with technology, to help your business grow.

Technology is complex and frustrating. We simplify the confusion so you can focus on their business. Technology should be a tool, not torture.

an Idea

Need a scholarly, academic approach to research? You're in the wrong place. Need battle tested and practical? Let's talk.

a Product

Make something people want and use. Whether it's software or something in the touchable world: been there, done that.

a Business

Death by a thousand cuts. Navigating the twists and turns can be exhilarating and frustrating. Bring it!

Solve problems. Whatever an idea, product, or business, it all comes back to solving problems. The tools and people change, but problem solving is the one constant.

What's the solution? No one knows, yet. Fortunately, most things are figureoutable with sound judgment, discipline, and persistance.

About Us

Working with
Nontechnical Teams

We won't waste your time! This isn't for everyone.

We work best with nontechnical founders without a team of developers. Most of our clients are solo founders and small teams without big budgets.

They need someone to most fast and keep costs low.

Do you need help figuring out what you need?
Need someone to bounce ideas off and discuss your options?
Maybe you don't know what you need?

We can help.


Featured Work

END IT Movement

Over 6 years, we produced websites websites and resources for their annual 'Shine a Light on Slavery' Day. At it's peak, the site received 100,000+ visitors w/in 24 hours.


A marketplace for connecting lawfirms with projects attorneys, we worked on the MVP and Version 1 of their product from strategy, through design, to development. Years later, the founders returned for us to build Version 2.

Habitudes Online

We brought Growing Leaders into the digital age by cocreating their online content library. Over 6+ years, we've launched multiple products with thousands of active users. We also manage the app monthly as their fractional engineering team.

We Launch Real Stuff

Checkout a collection of companies we've worked with, projects we have undertaken, and products we launched. Our contributions include things like:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brochure Websites
  • User Experience Design
  • App Development
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • MVP Design and Implementation

We'd love to hear what you are looking to launch.

Ideas without the jargon.

Checkout our writings and resources. Enjoy!

Writings for Founders
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Web and Mobile Sitemap

The first building block of great software
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Launch Your Idea in 1 Month

A 4 week overview to move from idea to entrepreneur.
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Building a Blueprint for Your Idea

Preparing and Getting Started
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App Feature Guidebook

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Top 10 Lessons for Founders

Email Series
Free Tools & Plugins
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Responsive Jquery Slider
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Your site, on a treadmill.
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Scrolling Utility
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Video Activity Tracking
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Star Wars Intro Crawl w/ CSS

For Founders, By Founders.

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We worked on both a website and then later on a companion iOS App. Great to work with, easy communications, and the final product exceeded my expectations.
Great to work with. Transparent, professional, and good at it. I would recommend to anyone.
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