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Keeping up with the pace of AI is exhausting. Follow along with simple, actionable videos showing the industries latest tools and tips. A wave is coming, so let's learn to surf.

“great presentation”

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“doing great things!”

Seasoned entrepreneur. Software engineer. Senior leader.

I'm Morgan J Lopes. I've been working with founders and entreprenuers since 2010. I use technology and problem solving to pursue a positive impact on the business and the world.

Help working on your project?

an Idea

Need a scholarly, academic approach to research? You're in the wrong place. Need battle tested and practical? Let's talk.

a Product

Make something people want and use. Whether it's software or something in the touchable world: been there, done that.

a Business

Death by a thousand cuts. Navigating the twists and turns can be exhilarating and frustrating. Bring it!

Solve problems. Whatever an idea, product, or business, it all comes back to solving problems. The tools and people change, but problem solving is the one constant.

What's the solution? No one knows, yet. Fortunately, most things are figureoutable with sound judgment, discipline, and persistance.

Experience-fueled presentations to lead, inspire, and learn.

Presentations for
Code School Students

The future of the technology industry looks "untraditional". Code Schools and Bootcamps are a key part of welcoming that change.

  • A Day in the Life of a Developer
  • How to Hack the Interview Process
  • Build a Better Personal Portfolio
  • Soft Skills for Software Developers
  • Options for Making Money in Tech

Presentations for
Tech Teams

Too much technology dies on the vine, without being finished or deployed. Healthy team dynamics and a strong process are essential.

  • Build Your Tech Business Plan
  • Build Your MVP
  • Build a Markplace Business
  • How to Communicate with Developers
  • Find a Technical Cofounder

Presentations for
Productivity & Professionalism

High intent is the foundation of excellence. It starts with ourselves, how we work, and what we spend our time creating.

  • Ways of Working
  • Compensation Considerations
  • 10 Lessons of Entrepreneurship
  • Pursue Purpose and Keep Your Job

I wrote a book for developers starting their careers.

The labor gap in technology exists because there is a steep learning curve for beginners. Code School was written as a guide to help nontraditional software developers kick-start their tech careers.

This book is helpful and valuable for those considering a career as a developer, those in code school, or those already in their career as a developer should read.
Easy to read format with very practical steps and principles of how to make it in tech. While geared toward coding - most things in book are applicable to any knowledge field.

Freebies and Fun Projects.

Checkout a library of free plugins, guides, and resources I've built and/or maintain. Some are practical but most are just for fun. Enjoy!

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Code School Book

Physical Book
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App Feature Guidebook

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Portfolio Template

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Top 10 Lessons for Founders

Email Series
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Responsive Jquery Slider
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Your site, on a treadmill.
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Scrolling Utility
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Video Activity Tracking
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Star Wars Intro Crawl w/ CSS