Simple Video Lessons on Generative AI

A new technology wave is coming. Come learn to surf or risk being swallowed up.

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Videos on Generative AI

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Reduce the Pain of Hiring Process

Using ChatGPT and Generative AI to write job descriptions, create acceptance criteria, and plan the hiring process.
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Faster Meal Prep and Grocery Shopping

Creating a family meal plan, gathering recipes, and starting the shopping experience with ChatGPTs Instacart Plugin
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Loom's Subtle use of Generative AI

Subtle is sexy. See how one company solved a small, but consistent user issue with a subtle use of generative AI.
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Comparing ChatGPT, Bard, and Notion Generative AI

Using some of the earliest tools in Generative AI, I compare approaches while starting a running club at my kids Elementary School
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Painless Photo Touchups with Photoshop (Beta)

Photo touchups just got an overhaul. Within little to no professional photoshop skills, I am removing blemishs in 1-click.